Monday, September 29, 2008


Here's my vote for the #1 taco in Mexico City (which could be interpreted as the #1 taco in the world).
For originality, flavor and texture, it's the chile en nogada taco at a nameless street stall on Calle Tlaxcala (directly across from the IMSSS office at #159, near Metro Chilpancingo in Colonia Condesa).
This taco is made with jalapeño chilies (cleaned of all seeds, so they're usually not picante), stuffed with shredded pork which has been spiced and sweetened, and topped with a classic nogada (nut and cream sauce), then sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. This famous dish, usually made with chile poblano, is found in restaurants around Independence Day in September--here it's available year round. I've eaten many times at this stall, with many friends, and always gone away happy. You can have it wrapped in a tortilla as a taco, or on a plate with rice. The other tacos de guisado choices here are also very good. They open by 9am and close when the food runs out (usually by mid-afternoon).

Be sure to explore the whole block around metro Chilpancingo, and across Insurgentes. It's one of the best street stall areas in town.

NOTE (August 2012):  Since I wrote this post I've been back many times.  But a few months ago I went and noticed the spot was empty, and nobody knew where they had gone.

Luckily I found the same family (minus Doña Paty who has moved to Morelos) running a slightly smaller puesto nearby, serving the same fantastic taco de chile en nogada.  

You'll find them on the east side of Insurgentes, just north of Calle Tlaxcala (right near the empanadas rusas). 


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kim said...

We tried to find this stand on October 5th (2012) but couldn't. We found empanadas rusas but no tacos de chile en nogada. :( We ended up eating at another taco cart down the block that was quite good. We walked from there to Roma and stopped at some of the places on the Beat Poets walk. When we got to the apartment where Burroughs accidentally shot his wife, we noticed that the restaurant below had tacos de chile en nogada, but by this time we had eaten too much street food and weren't hungry. Next time!

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