Monday, May 24, 2010


It's been a slow start, but I've just put two posts on my other travel blog, with photos of my most recent trip (Athens, Cairo, Barcelona & Paris) and an article about a previous trip to Rangoon, Burma (or Yangon, Myanmar for the politically correct).

Click the link below to take a look:

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Perhaps inspired by my mother's joining the Peace Corps, my younger sister Kathryn, a lawyer in Florida, has become involved with a group of doctors working in Haiti.  She has visited the island several times since the earthquake.  Listen to what she has to say on CNN:


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Some new directions have distracted me from blogging for almost two months.  First, I returned to my previous career and started to paint again.  Then I left on a five-week voyage stopping at Athens, Cairo, Barcelona and Paris (I'll be writing about that soon on  I just got home a few days ago.

As a warm-up to blogging, here are a few notes on cultural events in Mexico City.

Although Bellas Artes continues to be 'closed for renovation', the National Opera Company will present Bizet's 'Carmen' at the Teatro de la Ciudad for several performances starting tomorrow.  Click this link to ticketmaster for information.

Opera fans should also check out this link for tickets to the Metropolitan Opera live broadcasts starting in October.  They will be shown at the Auditorio Nacional which boasts the biggest movie screen in Latin America--bigger than the stage at the Met.  Don't buy the most expensive seats down below--you'll be craning to look up at the screen and the leg room is for midgets only.  Upstairs seats have better views, but the seats are harder (bring a pillow).

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