Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Museo Nacional de Arte--Upstairs/Downstairs

                                  Sometimes the architecture overwhelms the art.

Monday, March 7, 2016

A SUNDAY DRIVE: Xochicalco and beyond

Although I'd heard of the pre-Hispanic settlement at Xochicalco years ago, it was only last Sunday that I finally made it there. About two hours south of Mexico City in the state of Morelos, this stunning site on a terraced mountaintop has 360 degree views of surrounding (mostly empty) countryside. A smartly designed museum has a small collection of sculptures and objects from the site, whose heyday was from 700 to 900 A.D., long before the founding of Tenochtitlán (aka Mexico City).  Last Sunday there were probably less than 50 people there, so I'd guess during the week you'd have the place to yourself. It was a surprising, magical place, well worth a visit.
The other big surprise happened when we took a wrong turn on the way home and ended up in the middle of the annual fiesta in the town of Miacatlán, which features the exuberantly colorful outfits of the Chinelos de Morelos (see photos below).

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