Thursday, January 13, 2011


My mother is in the home strech of her 2-year+ stay in Morocco as a Peace Corps volunteer.
I received the following email from her about her latest project. Please help out if you can.

I am starting a library at the local primary school of over 500 students grades 1 through 6, who study both Classic Arabic and French.

Your donation of a book in either language would mean a great deal.

Please mail your donation to: Muriel Johnston
Tanant, Azilal 22550 Morocco

If sending from the States mark your package "GIFT"

Your continuing support ad help is truly appreciated.

Sincerely, Muriel

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Most people interested in Mexico eventually end up in Oaxaca. Although it's outside the range of my topic here, I thought this blog was intriguing enough to pass along.

The web site is, email:
The address is 2 de Abril #9, Teotitlan del Valle, and the Oaxaca phone number is 951 524-4232.