Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Luxury Hotels in Mexico City

                                                     (Photo: Hotel Carlota lobby)

Many people have the idea that travel writers have lives filed with free airline tickets, luxury hotels and gourmet meals. And guess what? Sometimes it's true!

Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to write five hotel reviews for the website Luxury Latin America which specializes in high-end travel.

Here are the two places I've stayed recently:

You can see all the of luxury hotels reviews in Mexico City here:

One of the hotels I'd previously reviewed (the Brick in Colonia Roma) has since mysteriously gone out of business. The hotel Downtown Mexico is your best bet for luxury digs in the Centro Histórico, but the St. Regis wins my vote for overall plush comfort.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Racism in Mexico?

The other day as I was walking along Avenida Insurgentes near Colonia Roma, I noticed this large billboard promoting awareness of the Mexico City's Constitution.

"The future of YOUR city is in you. We are all the constitution"it proclaims.

I admire the city's efforts to educate the public about the changes from DF to CDMX and all that it entails. But what struck me most about this announcement was the five young white faces that supposedly represent 'todos'. Although there are times in Colonia Roma where one might think everyone in Mexico is white and under 30, that is far from the city-wide reality. I found this billboard instructive, but offensive. 

For more information on Mexico City's constitution, look here:


(Unfortunately, after looking over the photos of the 30 people who make up the Grupo de Trabajo del Proyecto de Constitución, the lingering feeling of exclusion was not diminished.)