Friday, August 5, 2016

Cost of Living in Mexico: fruits and vegetables

I'm taking a break from urban life this summer and spending several weeks in Malinalco in the Estado de Mexico. I arrived yesterday from Mexico City and stopped in the market to pick up some supplies. There is no market building here. Produce is sold from tables, or just on the ground, on the streets surrounding the main plaza. Much of it is grown locally. None of it is pre-wrapped in plastic.

One week ago I was in New York City and stopped at Trader Joe's to get a few things. I was overwhelmed by the astounding variety of products--and the prices! So I was doubly impressed by the tab for my shopping in the market in Malinalco. I bought everything in the photo above for a grand total of 85 pesos (about $4.50 US). Almost a quarter of that was for the 'luxury' item, pomegranate seeds, which cost 20 pesos.