Saturday, March 14, 2020


After reading Richard Power's Pulitzer Prize winning novel, 'The Overstory', everyone in my book club started looking at trees differently--they've been here so much longer than any of us And now with the corona virus lurking, the fragility of the human race is more and more apparent. 
Everything I read about the virus affirms that isolation/quarantine is the best way to go. But my dog, Lucy, could care less about such things, and drags me to the park several times a day. Early morning, and during the week it is fairly empty, making it a perfect escape from home. But don't touch anything--and wash your hands when you get home! Below, some photos of Parque México in Colonia Condesa. 

Thursday, February 20, 2020


I'm still walking around in a fog of jet lag after two months in India. It's one of my favorite travel moments, when I can enjoy the comforts of home, but in that altered state where everything surprises. Mexico City looks seems so clean, so quiet, so orderly. But there are hints of India everywhere, like when the afternoon sun lit up all these signs at once.