Wednesday, November 21, 2012

English Language Books

I posted a while ago about Under the Volcano Books, an English language bookstore in Colonia Roma. The store was great, but the location left something to be desired.

I just got the following email and am happy to learn they've moved right around the corner from where I live in Colonia Condesa. The new location is inside the American Legion headquarters--an old private home which still retains much of its original (now faded) splendor. Be sure to check out all the elaborate molding and woodwork--and the upstairs bathroom fixtures. It's a trip back to the Condesa of yesteryear. And while you're there--buy a book or two and help support this much needed addition to the culture life of Mexico City.


I am extremely happy to announce the re-opening of Under the Volcano
Books in the heart of the loveliest neighborhood in North America.

On Saturday, November 24th, from 1 PM to midnight, we will celebrate
the opening of our new location at Celaya 25, Col. Hipodromo Condesa
with an all-day, all-night party timed to coincide with the Corredor
Cultural Roma Condesa.

We are now located in the American Legion, where we can take advantage
of their cozy bar, stage and cineclub facilities, and their big
downstairs lounge (serving, by all who try them, the best burgers in

Come take advantage of a one-time 50% discount on hundreds of selected
items from our inventory, including nearly ALL of our Politics and
Architecture sections, and join us for coffee and/or drinks downstairs
all afternoon and evening. Musical entertainment and drink specials
TBA, admission free.

If you use Facebook, please log into our invite list here and tell us
and others you are coming, and invite your friends:

We look forward to seeing you, and serving you as a community from our
splendid new location.


Thursday, November 1, 2012


I rode my bike to work for the first time today!

As part of the expansion of the popular Eco-Bici program, there are now bike stations in Colonia Roma as well as Polanco and Colonia Doctores. This one is about 100 feet from my studio door. 

When I first heard about the eco-bicis I thought you'd have to be nuts to ride one. Being a pedestrian in this city is challenging enough. 

But one day Nick came home with a card for me and I reluctantly began with short rides in my home neighborhood, La Condesa, where you can actually find a few streets without traffic. Now I'm sold on the idea. I use the bikes several times a week, often in connection with the metro or metrobus. Gliding down Reforma on Sunday mornings (traffic free) gives you the feeling that you own the city. All in all, it's a liberating, expanding and fun addition to life here in Mexico City.

This is a program for city residents only--tourists are out of luck. But there is another free bike program here which requires leaving a passport or other major form of ID and a 200 peso deposit. I do not recommend using a bike here if you don't know the city well--except on Sundays, when you should head to Reforma. On the last Sunday of each month a much longer (30+ km) route is closed to traffic and you can bike around the whole city. Click HERE to see a map of bike stations.