Monday, November 3, 2014



Trying to find accurate information about what's going on in this city can be a frustrating experience. Have you ever noticed how many posters for an event leave off the date, place or time?  The magazines Tiempo Libre (weekly) and Chilango (monthly) make a stab at keeping us up-to-date, but I find the free magazine Time Out Mexico even better, so why spend your money? 

Paper copies can be found in trendy shops and restaurants around town.  Even if you don't read Spanish, the magazine is pretty easy to follow, as it includes lots of color photos and a 1 to 5 star-rated system for grading restaurants, etc. If you can't find a paper copy, you can see the whole thing on-line.  The website is well designed for searching by area or topic, and you can even click on the current issue and 'flip' the pages.  

 So add this one to your list of favorites:


…and, for MX$260 per year, you can have TimeOut Mexico delivered to your home/office every month. See "suscripciones" on the website. It's a great deal!