Sunday, February 24, 2008


I remember flying back from a trip to Japan—a country where grey comes in more shades than you can imagine—and looking down on Mexico City in the sunlight as the plane descended. Thank God for hot pink, I thought to myself, catching sight of a concrete building painted rosa mexicana, as the color is known here. Vogue editor Diana Vreeland’s famous remark ‘hot pink is the navy blue of India’ could equally apply to Mexico. We love our colors strong here. A Mexican friend of mine moved to the Big Apple a few years ago to make it in the art world. She returned for a visit last year dressed all in black, ala ‘Manhattan artist’--chic, trendy rags by some Japanese designer that would have turned heads at the Guggenheim. Here, she walked into a store and was asked, “Who died, señora?”

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