Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Miguel Covarrubias
(Mexico City 1904-1957) was a painter, illustrator, art historian, and ethnologist. As a young man he went to New York City where he became famous for his caricatures and drawings for Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. He was an avid fan of the Harlem jazz scene, and compiled several books of 'negro' drawings. His book on Bali is still in print, and his many illustrated books are now collectors' items (you can find them on ebay).
His series of billboard size maps from a world expo in San Francisco (1940) have been shown in several Mexican museums recently.

The map of Mexico shown here is part of the permanent display in the Museo de Arte Popluar here in el DF. Curiously, I have never seen a reproduction of this image--is there some enterprising publisher out there who wants to promote this as a poster?

Click here to see more images of Covarrubias' work.

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