Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm writing from Yangon, Myanmar, where the shocks and surprises keep coming--it's amazing! Thinking that I might not have a calm moment to blog, I prepared this one in advance:

One of the great things about Mexico is the daily presence in our lives of hand-made objects: baskets, pottery, weaving are found in shops, markets and street stalls all over the country. Recently I had an article published in 'The News' about Mexican artesanias. In the course of my research I learned from informed sources that many artesanos (craftspeople) are suffering greatly from the poor economy. So I'm suggesting that you consider buying Mexican artesanias for holiday gift-giving this year. You will be getting something beautiful and soulful, as well as helping to maintain the tradition of craft production in Mexico.
In my article (click here to read) I suggest several places to shop. I also recommend the Mercado Ciudadela in Mexico City (near metro Balderas) and the Museo de Arte Popular in the Centro (Revillagigedo 11, behind the high-rise Sheraton Alameda)

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