Saturday, March 14, 2009


By coincidence, two blogger friends recently wrote about their favorite Mexico City hotels. I'm often asked to recommend a hotel ('buy my book' is the quick answer), but here are tips from some folks-in-the-know about where they like to stay in the city.

Click here for Deb Hall's advice on her great travel blog.

Click here for David Lida's tip--one of many on his intriguing DF blog.

I asked my friend Patrice Wynne who leads tours to Mexico City. She offered options in the centro histórico at three price categories, low to high--

The old stand-by Hotel Isabel, The reliable Tulip Inn, and the elegant
Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de Mexico

I've also had thumbs-up reports on the following places: NHHotel (centro histórico),
The Stanza Hotel (Colonia Roma), and
The Red Tree House (Colonia Condesa)--it gets booked up fast these days.

Check this link for a list of cheap hotels in Mexico City.

Be aware, especially in older hotels, that rooms can vary greatly in terms of street noise and ventilation. Ask to see more than one room if you're not happy with the first.

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