Friday, September 11, 2009


(This is an old post erroneously sent out by my blog on its own volition.
If you're interested in this interview, click here for the link.)

Please join me and author David Lida on 'Travel with Rick Steves' this Saturday, September 12. We'll be talking about--what else--Mexico City. Click here to search for the public radio station near you.


Dr. Fred said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your show with Rick Steves yesterday. Just happened to hear it while driving across Dallas. My wife and I are planning our first trip to Mex City in January and your insight is invaluable. We've travelled extensively around the world, from Dar es Salaam to Puerto Vallarta, but must admit that Mexico City is intimidating and the headlines at times frightening. Marc Lacey, the NY Times bureau chief there, is an old friend (we were classmates at Cornell), so I look forward to seeing him and getting an insider's view of the city, but your book will be our first primer on how to tackle this huge city.

Fred Barber
Frisco, Texas

Craig Hudson said...

How great to catch you on NPR and totally by accident! Thanks to Rick Steves and you and David for helping inform the traveling public about Mexico City.

It is a shame that so many avoid this wonderful city, intimidated by the undeserved reputation and influenced by media reports which mostly have little to do with Mexico City.

The program made me a little home sick, especially the discussion of food, and I am looking forward to getting back next week.

Thanks for continuing to be such a good ambassador and educator.

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