Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Monterrey is the most expensive place to live in Mexico, according to a recent survey of 42 cities.

The survey compared the cost of 122 products and services, such as housing, health care, education, clothing, appliances, transportation, food and entertainment.

Mexico City is used as the base line with a ranking of 100%.  Comparatively, Monterrey stands at 103.9%, Los Cabos 103%, CancĂșn 101.1%.

On the lower end, Tijuana tallies 89.2%, Guadaljara 86.6%, Chetumal 69.9%, Pachuca 69.6%, Durango 69.3%, Tlaxcala 64.4%, and Tepic 69.2%.

The high cost of electricity accounts for Monterrey's position in first place.  Across the board, the area of greatest cost increase last year was food, which went up 10.47%.

For the complete article (in Spanish) click here.

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