Sunday, January 9, 2011


Most people interested in Mexico eventually end up in Oaxaca. Although it's outside the range of my topic here, I thought this blog was intriguing enough to pass along.

The web site is, email:
The address is 2 de Abril #9, Teotitlan del Valle, and the Oaxaca phone number is 951 524-4232.


Rochelle Cashdan said...

I stayed with Josefina and her family two years ago. Her cooking is all it's cracked up to be. Room comfortable, trees loaded with pomegranates. Location: short bus rides to Saturday market and Mitla, 1/2 hour or so from the highway stop to Oaxaca. Getting a room at Las Granadas may be difficult though. Most were taken up by longstayers fleeing unemployment in the US. If comments, mail to not gmail.

Unknown said...

Great post. learning spanish is so helpful and beneficial.

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