Thursday, May 12, 2011


Almost every first-time visitor to Mexico City has Frida Kahlo's big blue house in Coyoacán on a list of 'must-see' places. When I first visited almost 20 years ago I was the only one there. Today you're likely to see big tour buses out front.

Now you can see it without leaving home. The website below offers a virtual 360-degree tour of the place. Just click on the floor plan to see the different rooms.


Anonymous said...

Unhappily it has been changed around quite a bit since she died so I have a very odd feeling when I revisit. 25 years ago it was her home, now it is a curated museum. Still interesting of course but I think if she reappeared she would be annoyed.

Tere Palm said...

Very impressive! Thanks for sharing. Now my U.S. students and friends can visit the museum, too!

Gary Denness said...

Great find Jim. Every museum should have that sort of virtual tour. Gotta say I always prefered Anahuicalli (although I can probably spell Casa Azul better!), but Frida's gaff in Coyoacan always made a nice stop for a coffee.

Brian S said...

I love it, but was really put off by the one way only nature. I missed a left to the kitchen, and when I attempted to descend the steps to catch it, I caused an international incident . they need to take a more Mexican , less German approach

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