Monday, March 11, 2013


In recent weeks two editorials, written by Pulitzer prize winner Thomas Friedman, appeared in the New York Times about Mexico's bright economic forecast. Another, entitled 'Mexico: the New China' praised the country as a top choice for outsourcing. And it's not just the New York Times.
Mexico Business Blog recently ran a list of articles about Mexico's rosy economic picture, which includes the Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Forbes among others. After reading so much negative news about the violence from Mexico's drug 'war', it's nice to be able to focus on another part of the picture. Living in Mexico City I see a lot of what Friedman writes about, especially in the privileged neighborhoods where I live and work, Colonias Roma and Condesa.

Our new president Enrique Peña Nieto has done a good job in 2 months giving the old PRI party a new look. Kudos to his PR team. Powerful (and up till now, untouchable) teachers' union leader Elba Ester Gordillo was just arrested, accused of embezzlement. And now he's taking on the big shots of the telecomunicaions industry, one of the country's most strangling monopolies.

One of the people interviewed in Friedman article says, "the confidence is starting to happen." Where could this lead?

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Tere Palm said...

I have seen this scenario before: let's not get "too" optimistic...

Saludos y un gran abrazo, Jim. Gracias por compartir!

Karle said...

Peña Nieto is so far one of the worst presidents Mexico has had. Good job? is all a theater, what can you expecgt of a repressor? Mexico is in a crisis and not just because Elba is in jail means things are going to be better, not for a while... sad.

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