Saturday, July 20, 2013


One of the things I love about Mexico City, and especially Colonia Roma where I work, is the
surprising mixture--and not infrequent clash--of architectural styles. There's still enough of the original early 20th century French-inspired edifices to give the place a bit of class, but especially after the devastating earthquake of 1985, newer buildings of astounding ugliness (have you see that blue hospital on Álvaro Obregón?) and cheapness of construction have left their marks on the old neighborhood like an untimely outbreak of acne on your grandmother's face.

Over the past few years I've been watching the painfully slow construction of a large building a
few blocks from my studio. It's fortress-like bulk and boxy windows that appeared could not be opened gave it a grim aspect. I thought it might be a hospital. Then came the elaborate landscaping--bunker-like planters arranged with military precision. The building appeared far from finished and I watched the plants die slowly.

Then suddenly the buidling was done and it turns out to be another 'love motel', those secretive hideaways perfect for illicit affairs--and appropriately named 'Roma Amor'. Suddenly the landscape scheme made more sense--even the trees are screwing here.

Yes, the place is hideous, but in that brash, boastful way that startles and surprises. And as I look at the photos I posted below, it doesn't seem to bad after all. Home Sweet Home--Viva la Roma!

This building is located at the corner of Tonalá and Chiapas in Colonia Roma.
Their website is


Anonymous said...

fun story, great writing, as always! yes, those trees are screwing! carol

Anonymous said...

Not only are the tress screwing, but with my count of the number of windows and the overall size of the building, it seems that everybody is..........

Flat Dog said...

Nice pics Jim! Adriana and I watched in puzzlement as this thing slowly appeared last year. We thought it looked like a pharmaceutical laboratory. And then one day, a love motel. Of course. And now Roma's Chicken is gone, after all those years. Time marches on.

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