Monday, October 13, 2014


Although I am neither a vegan nor a vegetarian, I'm always on the lookout for non-meat options at street food stalls. Some tacos de guidados stands offer rajas con crema, calabacitas, or chiles rellenos, but in  general, it's the carnivores who reign in Mexico City. So I was intrigued when I noticed a little white stand at a corner near my house with the sign 'Vegana Taqueria'.  I've been several times now,  and have noticed the crowds growing each time.  Oddy, all their tacos are named after meat (chorizo de soya, trigo al pastor, etc.), and with all the toppings provided, you might have a hard time telling the difference. I did notice they use quite a bit of oil in the preparation, so I'm not sure how healthy these guys are, but they sure taste good.  

Vegana Taqueria is located on Calle Manzanillo near the corner of Chipas in Colonia Roma (one block from the Sears store, half a block from Insurgentes). Here's a link on google maps: 

Open 6:30PM until midnight daily

More Vegan discoveries:

Next door to the taco stand:

Forever Vegano, at the corner of Merida & Guanajuato, in Colonia Roma, Web-
TelĂ©fono- 55 6726 0975

Article from the LA Times:
Another article:


Tere Palm said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Jim.



Greg Lee said...

The food in Mexico never ceases to amaze. Can't wait to return to DF and sample the many treats.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Jim! I have vegan friends in town and every time I've been by this place it's been closed... now I know why, they only open at night.

kelly johnston said...

It's not a street stand but Tacos Gus (on Ometusco in Condesa) has some great vegetarian options too...

Lawrence said...

These are great suggestions! Appreciate any others anyone may think of. Not looking for vegetarian places, necessarily, but places with great food and at least one or two good vegetarian or pescatarian options. I am visiting DF in November. Last time I was there I had a great time but was frustrated in food choices (my own fault -- didn't do my homework). I could tell there was so much great food all around me but was unsure how to find dishes that don't include beef, chicken, or pork. Any help most welcome!

Dra. Salud said...

Between looking for vegetarian recipes and really seems very original vegan tacos are also very palatable, and safe must be very rich, thanks for the recommendation. I like your blog, although my English is not very good, greetings

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