Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Architect Luís Barragán

Fans of Mexican architecture will surely be familiar with the name Luis Barragán, whose famous 'floating staircase' (photo below) has taken on iconic status in the world of design.

His home/studio is now a museum that can be visited by appointment:( It is definitely a highlight for any design-oriented visitor to Mexico City.

And I've written previously (click HERE) about the convent Barragán designed in Tlalapan, at the southern end of Mexico City, another sublime architectural experience.

Die-hard fans of this great architect will be please to find two of his early works right in the middle of Colonia Condesa. These somewhat unassuming small apartment buildings lack the saturated colors he later became famous for, but do offer a satifsying sense of geometry. They are located at Avenida Mexico 141 and 142, between Michoacán and Teotihuacán, facing Parque Mexico.
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