Tuesday, April 28, 2009


"An image of Christ on the cross -- known as the “Lord of Health” -- was removed from its spot in the cathedral for the first time since 1850 and carried in a procession around central Mexico City. The “Cristo,” as the image is known, has been credited with past miracles, including intervention in an 1850 cholera outbreak."
(from http://www.catholicculture.org/news/)

I took the garbage out last night and decided to take a walk around the block. The usually busy commercial strip across the street was eerily quiet. The newsstand, the juice vendor, the taco and torta stands, the restaurants--all closed. The OXXO convenience store was the only thing open.

I normally greet peace and quiet in the city with pleasure. Semana Santa, Christmas and New Year's Day--these rare moments of urban repose are a real treat. But last night was something else. There was a palpable sadness to it all, knowing that once again during a catastrophe, those who already have the least are the hardest hit.