Sunday, April 12, 2009


As you may have read, there's a water shortage here in Mexico City. Taking advantage of the fact that many residents are away on vacation, officials have closed the taps in many areas of the city until tomorrow.
I live in a relatively small building (12 apartments) and I'd guess half of my neighbors are away, so we expect our tinaco (rooftop water tank) to last until tomorrow.
Back in the 1970's there was a water shortage in New York City. I remember mayor Ed Koch on TV, teaching me how to shave. "Don't let the water run. Just turn it on for a second to clean your razor." I still shave that way today.
In the past few days I've noticed a distinct change in my attitude about the stuff flowing out of the taps in my kitchen and bathroom. It suddenly feels precious.
Mexico lacks effective education on environmental issues. I just yelled at my neighbor who was washing his patio, the water flowing heedlessly over the floor. Last week I saw workers in my local park watering the dirt (no plants!). We need Ed Koch, although I think our own Marcelo Ebrard could do the job.
Today Mexico City is in the news. Tomorrow it might be your home town.
Conserve Water. Click here for some tips.