Wednesday, June 2, 2010


At a recent conference, Mexico City's mayor Marcelo Ebrard proposed a campaign to change some of the nasty habits that have become a way of life here. The goal is to 'improve the quality of life and the level of security' by raising the conciousness of citizens in simple ways.  Here's his list:

1.  Don't throw chewing gum on the street
2.  Conserve water
3.  Clean up after your dog
4.  Take care of public spaces
5.  Don't throw garbage on the street
6. Use your seatbelt
7.  Don't drink and drive
8.  Don't park in spots marked for the handicapped
9.  Respect transit rules
10.  No graffiti

Sounds like civilization to me. I'd add 'no talking on cell phones in movie theaters'.
His idea is to take one theme per month and promote it in schools and other public places.
I'll be on the lookout for changes. 


Unknown said...

Sounds good! I'd love to see some noise control in Mexico. Is there any consciousness of noise in Mexico City or Condesa in particular? We had to move from our house in Guadalajara becuase of building alarms that went off all night next door, neighbors with live bands at 4:00 am, non-stop barking dogs, etc. Amazingly, nobody else seems to mind!

Felipe Zapata said...

That Marcelo, he´s such a dreamer.

Gary Denness said...

Can I proffer some advice for Mr Ebrard....

1. Install more public rubbish bins.
2. Recycle the city's water properly.
3. Clear up all the stray dogs.
4. Clean up public spaces
5. Empty those new rubbish bins he's going to install. More often than monthly.
6. Use your seatbelt as an improvised gag to stop daft politicians talking nonsense.
7. Give the police breathalysers
8. Stop reserving parking spaces for the handicapped.
9. Enforce transit rules
10. Public flogging for graffiti artists.

I know. I'm just being facetious...

Michael Parker-Stainback said...

Amen, brother, when it comes to cell phones in the cinema. One of the Chilangos' most execrable bad habits!

Beatrice said...

Maybe the campaign should be titled "No Hay Que Ser..."

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