Monday, June 28, 2010


(map of Mexico by Miguel Covarrubias at the Museo de Arte Popular)

Recently fellow Mexico blogger Paul Roberts wrote about the internet phenomenon of lists. From ‘10 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Alive’, ‘5 Painless Tips for Losing Weight’, and ‘1000 Things You Must See Before You Die’, lists are everywhere. It turns out that in our age of sound bites and news clips, listing information leads to larger readership. Inspired by his lead, I decided to give it a try.

Each time I return from travelling, I feel renewed appreciation for being able to live in Mexico City. So herewith are my “EIGHT AND A HALF REASONS WHY I LOVE LIVING IN MEXICO CITY”.

  1. I can get freshly squeezed orange juice a block away for $2 a liter.
  2. People say ‘buen provecho’ to strangers in restaurants.
  3. There’s a statue of the rain god Tlaloc in Chapultepec Park.
  4. The metro costs 3 pesos.
  5. The Jamaica flower market
  6. People still cook with handmade pottery.
  7. Birds sing outside my bedroom window
  8. The Pasteleria Ideal

8.5 You can buy half a cauliflower in the market (or a single stalk of celery, a sprig of parsely, one egg)


Rochelle Cashdan said...

What a fun list! You could make it 9 1/2 by including the world class exhibits that come to museums in the city. I'm just back from the Pierre Soulages exhibit at the Museo de la Ciudad without having to go clear to Paris!

David Lida said...

You can also buy one loose cigarette from street stalls. Would that be one-twentieth of a reason to like the city?

Ed said...

I have a few other reasons to love living in Mexico City...

The food! The food, and the food!!!

You greet people with hugs and kisses.

Teenagers still ask their parents for permission.

The classiest people and awesome manners are found there.

Maid service is not only for the multimillionaires!

Most people's humor is very funny. In most occasions your day will not go by without a good laughter!

I miss my Mexico City :(

The Author said...
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Paola said...

Very entertaining post! Never really thought about my "favorite things" in Mexico City, I'd have a hard time keepinng it short, but while I am at it, the "paleta de arroz at La Michoacana", that would be #1 on my list.

Unknown said...

the first thing that came to my mind in the ¨1/2¨ category were the loose cigarettes - but i see david lida beat me to it!! but i also love seeing men in business suits wolfing down tacos at the corner stands.....the tuesday condessa market, the truck that sells ¨tamales - tamales oaxaquenos¨, the whistle of the knife sharpener - the list could go on and on.....just so many things to love about mexico city!!!

Lesley said...

Lovely list! I would add ice-cold and cheap micheladas, and licuados de mamey for breakfast. :-) You've inspired me to create my own list on my blog sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Does the author know what "opinionated" means according to Webster? It is not a favorable. But then, maybe using words accurately is now very old-fashioned and stale.... Perhaps this comment will not pass muster.

Unknown said...

I'm moving from Chicago to Mexico City. I can't wait!! :)

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