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It's Fiestas Patrias time again, so that means food, and lots of it. Belt-expanding breakfasts, long, leisurely comidas, and visits to those late night taco stands are all part of the celebration. If you're not lucky enough to be invited to some abuela's house for comida, don't despair. You can still find the best food in Mexico City with a little help from the experts. I asked three residents of Mexico City who are known for their culinary expertise to tell us their favorite places to eat.

Nicholas Gilman, Lesley Tellez and Cristina Potters all write passionately about food, love to cook, and love to eat. They all blog regularly about food in Mexico City and beyond.

Nicholas Gilman is the author of 'Good Food in Mexico City'. To visit his blog click here. "There are more than 30,000 registered places to eat, so five isn't easy, but here goes," he said.

1. Contramar (Durango 200, Colonia Roma) - Excellent seafood, relaxed atmosphere. Try the pescado a la talla. Lunch time only, no reservations. (Their website:

2. El Caguamo (Ayuntamiento, corner Aranda, Centro). The best puesto for seafood in the city--even the owner of Contramar eats here! (Read about both places here.)

3. Coox Hanal (Isabel la Católica 83, Centro) The best Yucatecan food in el DF--and I've tried them all. I love their pan de cazón. (Read Nick's blog post here.)

4. El Huequito (Ayuntamiento 21, centro) A little hole in the wall that does exquisite
tacos al pastor, which are uniquely Defeño. (Read more here.)

5. Merotoro (Av. Amsterdam 204, Condesa) This is my favorite place for 'creative' cuisine. The menu constantly evolves, taking advantage of the amazing seasonal variety in Mexico.
(Read more here.)


Lesley Téllez blogs about Mexican food and culture in The Mija Chronicles. She also gives street food, taco and market tours through her company Eat Mexico. "Places I can walk or ride my bike to are more likely to become favorites," she confessed.

1. Tacos Gus.
My favorite tacos guisados in the city. Get the swiss chard, calabacitas, or the green chorizo with potato (Amsterdam 171, Colonia Condesa). (See article.)

2. Merotoro. My husband and I like to go here when we want to splurge on a nice dinner. I love the crusty bread dunked in Baja olive oil, and the Ulloa wine. (Avenida Amsterdam 204, Colonia Condesa).

3. Tlacoyo and quesadilla stand in front of Mercado Medellín. (corner of Campeche and Medellín, Colonia Roma) The quesadilla de quelite drizzled with red salsa reminds me why I live in Mexico.

4. El Vislito. (formerly known as El Vipsito) Unparalleled tacos al pastor. It's only open after 10 p.m., which adds to the ambience. (Avenida Universidad near Petén, Colonia Narvarte)

5. Nicos. Traditional Mexican food made with high-quality and locally grown ingredients.(Av. Cuitlahuac 3102, Colonia Azcapotzalco). Read Lesley's blog post about this. "Well worth the trip to Azcapotzalco!" she notes.


Cristina Potters shares her vast experience with Mexican food on her blog "I've eaten in 28 of Mexico's 31 states, plus Mexico City. These five popped up as first thoughts."

1. El Bajio, Classic Mexican food from star chef Carmen Tititia. Now in several locations, but the original in Azcapotzalco is still the best.

2. El Portalito, A simple fonda in Colonia Condesa which offers a great comida corrida. (Read about it on Cristina's blog post.

3. Jaso, High-end cocina de autor in Polanco.

4. Rokkaku, Peruvian-Japanese fusion? Who knew? Read this for more information.

5. Tortas Los Compadres, On Calle Chilpancingo near the metro--reliable tortas.


Also check out Ruth Alegria's food blog:


Anonymous said...

Peruvian Japanese fusion? Have to try that!

Oaxaca Cultural Navigator, Norma Hawthorne said...

Jim, I think I need to spend 2 weeks in D.F. just to get through the great restaurant list proposed here. Thank you for honoring the Revolution with a celebration of food. Abrazos, Norma

Ana Flores {@SpanglishBaby} said...

Totally bookmarking this one for my next trip to Mexico City!
I can't believe that I lived there for 6 years and have only been to one in this list...El Contramar. One of my faves.

Ruth T. Alegria said...

With so many of my own food included in the above list have to add a few more.

Since it is ¨fiestas patrias¨ a visit to anyone of Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zuritas Azul restaurants for his Chiles en Nogada is a must. Ricardo offers a variety of very traditional Chiles that are irresitable.

Then of course a trip to Casa Merlos for more ¨home style¨cooking from Puebla is in order, only from Thursday to Sunday, for dishes with incredible flavors ( Chef Gerardo of Nicos took me here)

and of course Patricia Quintanas Izote .... newly refurbished with a menu full of old favorites and new renditions ....

My favorite street food stands Don Lupe in the Xochimilco market for his etheral tamales, made by the women of the famly, which so I´ve been told are now featured at Enrique Olvera´s ENO his Mexican style early morning bistro on the corner of Petrarca in Polanco.

and of course eating and shopping at the Mercado el 100 in Colonia Roma ONLY on Sunday ... omething to look forward to!

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