Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fabulous Staircases in Mexico City

Polanco (unfortunately now covered with restaurant signs)

Colonia Roma

Museo de Arte Moderno

Hotel Meridien, Reforma

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Colonia Condesa

Museo de Geología, Santa Maria la Ribera (also below)

                                                        Ramp/stairs in the Zona Rosa

                                                                  Foro Buenavista

                                                  MUNAL (Museo Nacional de Arte)


Gary Denness said...

I'll try put a name to the last one...the Geological Museum?

Retired Teacher said...

I think you're right, Gary. And I would guess that the 3rd one is the Reforma 222 shopping mall (could be wrong, though). I've passed by the 4th one many times, but I'd love to know exactly where the first two are located.

Josh said...

The third is the "Le Meridien" hotel.

Unknown said...

The best staircase in the Edificio Basurta is inside the building. Gorgeous.

Don Cuevas said...

Yes; it looks like the Geological Museum. We went there once with friends.

Here's another staircase:

Don Cuevas

laura ann loveland said...

Great eye and great camera work! Thank you for sharing, Laura

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