Monday, June 15, 2015

Trees of Mexico City

Mexico City has been called a city of survivors, and for many of us who live here, there's a bittersweet pleasure in thriving in the midst of all the urban chaos. Overpopulation, scarcity of oxygen, earth tremors, the possibility of Popocatepetl blowing its top and covering us in molten lava--you call those problems? We're a tough breed here. By necessity, our roots must reach well below the surface of things. 

 Mexico City's trees represent a constant, slow motion contest between man and nature. Every time I see one of these guys, it gives me strength to soldier on. Slammed, squeezed, pinched, pummelled, hammered, uprooted, chopped off at the limbs, plastered with posters, strung up with electrical cables, pissed and shat upon by passing animals, enveloped in garbage, broken glass, cigarette butts, and sawed off at the base and left for dead if its presence should suddenly interfere with the machinations of the city--such are the trees of Mexico City. 
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Note the sprouting leaves in the middle of the trunk

Palm tree in Santa Maria la Ribera 

Trees painted green in Colonia Roma

In Polanco: your roots are showing (photo by Renny Dale)

A moment of lushness in the city. 
"Greener than Warsaw!" our Polish friends exclaimed. 

Who's winning?


The San Miguel News said...

Also note that there are no personal injury attorneys in DF. Woe to the unwary pedestrian!

Sue Morgan said...

New to your blog .. .here for a month .. and LOVE all the trees in so many places ... lots of parks and today coming up Avenida La Catolica saw many fairly mature trees with thick trunks, lots of leaves and shade and actually heard some birdsong ....

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