Saturday, July 9, 2011


Even if you don't read the Spanish, you'll enjoy 'reading' the pre-Nahuatl glyphs reproduced in this article in La Jornada. A team of archeologists from Mexico's INAH and Stanford University have recently made advances in deciphering these beautiful images, first found in 1993 at a site near Teotihuacán.

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Tere Palm said...

Very interesting!

I recently met a native "teotihuacano" and his wife who descend from old families and work hard towards the preservation of their culture and against the"official" version of history.

They own a tourist enterprise that is part of a larger group that promotes "cultural tourism" : Red Indígena de Turismo de México, A.C. (RITA).

They offer a unique tourist experience to a "side" of the pyramids you have never been.

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